"Liz is a positive force bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm. She comes up with fun and creative solutions and ideas and is always so pleasant to work with. I've worked with Liz in various capacities at many companies and she consistently has proven herself again and again to be someone you can depend on for great results." 

-Gennifer Birnbach (Creative Marketing)

"Liz is a multi-talented creative person with an excellent sense of humor, boundless energy, and remarkable optimisim. You'll find working with her to be a pleasure."

-Bruce Bernstein (Writer/Director)

"Liz rocks the entire world! Well, the known word-oriented world. Seriously, I worked with Liz a long time ago on a project far far away that was tricky. Liz wrote lyrics for a set of songs that I wrote the music for that was animated and eventually National Geographic/BBC/PBS put on music videos for kids...is that a run on sentence? Well anyway, Liz is by far the best - if you hire anyone else then you will probably be sad for at least seven days straight." 

-David Baron (Composer/Producer)

"Renaissance woman in the arts of promotion, entertainment, and delight. Maybe there's someone out there with more talent and pizzazz in more artistic arenas, but I doubt it."

- David Rieth (Brand Strategist)

"It is always a pleasure to work with Liz and I hope to again soon. She is extremely talented and creative and always makes me laugh when I get to work on her witty comedy spots.

 Liz is a gem!"

-Jamie Baker (Freelance Audio Mixer/Sound Designer)

"Liz is phenomenally creative, hardworking, and innovative, but one of the best things about is Liz is that she can brighten up a room with her friendliness and passion for all-things creative. I have learned so much from Liz, both creatively and human character, and I am so fortunate to have worked with her."

-Jesse Pilnik (Web Content Coordinator)